Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Program Planning Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Program Planning - Assignment Example Most single parents are as a result of teenagers who bore children at an early age of below 20years and it is evident that such infants may suffer as compared to those borne by women of a higher age of around 30 years (Baldwin et al., 2009). Teenagers are not yet ready to commit to bearing their children and raising them in the best way since they have some other pleasures of life to enjoy. It is during this time that they would want to practice some vices being done by their fellow youths e.g. smoking and alcohol intake which affect the babies they are carrying. In fact some teenagers who get pregnant do not attend prenatal care because they would not like it to be known by their parents and friends that they are pregnant. Therefore, in efforts to boost the health of infants born year by year, the community health activist should enforce campaigns to reduce teenage births (Baldwin et al., 2009). Child bearing past the teenage is essential because the prospective mothers will have completed school and will know the importance of attending prenatal clinics even before planning to get pregnant. Such parents will also have no fear of it being known that they are pregnant since most of them will be legally married and working hence no financial constraints. This can reduce the cost incurred by taxpayers in US who raise around 7 billion dollars per year to support malnourished infants. Since teenage births lead to birth of children in marriages that mostly end up in divorce, its discouragement will enhance only married or mature people giving birth hence such infants will not suffer psychological torture. The reason as to why there are large numbers of infants born of poor health hence dying is because most of them are raised by single parents who probably bore them in their teen age. Such parents may have avoided attending antenatal health services that educate people on maintaining good health for the good of both

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